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Runway Crack Fill, Seal, and Re-Stripping

GYR will start construction of a runway crack fill and seal project on Sept. 5 as part of ADOT’s Airport Pavement and Management System (APMS). The project will provide GYR with a rejuvenated runway and provide high-quality pavement for aircraft operating at GYR. The cost of the project is $757,642. ADOT provides funding for 90% ($757,642), while the City of Phoenix Aviation Department will fund the 10% match ($75,764).


Paving Infield Islands

GYR will start construction of paving the infield islands between the runway and taxiway. Currently there is native soil in the islands that can cause wildlife issues, erosion, and require maintenance activity for weed control. These islands will be paved to increase safety by eliminating erosion, wildlife activity, and maintenance requirements. This project will be phased with the first three islands being paved this year and the additional islands will be paved as additional ADOT grant funding becomes available. The first three islands are shown below. The design and construction contracts total $2,967,022.  ADOT will fund 90% of eligible costs and City of Phoenix Aviation Department will fund the 10% match.