Phoenix Goodyear

Taxiway Rehabilitation and Strengthening Project


Update: Phoenix Goodyear Airport Gets a Taxiway Upgrade


We are happy to announce that the Taxiway “A” Rehabilitation and Strengthening project is substantially complete! All of the work is now finished, except small punchlist items that should be completed in the near future.

Goodyear Airport appreciates your patience and cooperation during the last few months as we have worked through the project, in particular the taxiway and runway closures that were required. We know it was inconvenient and disruptive at times.

In addition to paving, the Taxiway “A” project also included several items to enhance safety:

Surface Painted Hold Position Signs – At each of our runway hold position markings we painted large red surface markings that will help pilots identify the runway hold position.

Enhanced Taxiway Centerlines – We also painted enhanced taxiway centerlines that extend 150 feet back from each of the runway hold position markings, again to help pilots identify the runway hold position is near.

Redesigned Taxiway Connectors -  We relocated the taxiway connector A-3 from the ramp to Taxiway A to comply with new FAA standards.  The new configuration is designed to help reduce taxiway and runway incursions.

We remain focused on continuing to invest in strategic, key projects to ensure the airport has high-quality infrastructure and standards for continued airport growth. We have finished $20 million in recent airport paving projects, including 2019 Taxiway “A” Strengthening ($7 million), 2018 South T-hangar Apron Rehabilitation ($3 million), and the 2015 Runway Shift Project ($10 million). In the next several years, we hope to secure FAA/ADOT grants to fund an additional $20 million in ramp construction/rehabilitation.    

Thank you again for all of your patience and support through our progress. We also want to thank all of our stakeholders that have taken part.  We really appreciate all you have done for us.    

Thank you again and we hope you enjoy the new Taxiway “A”!